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Lorestan comprises a province and a historic territory of western Iran amidst the Zagros Mountains.
The population of LORESTAN is estimated around 1,850,000 people. Lorestan constitutes of 10 counties Aligudarz , Azna, Borujerd, Delfan, Dorud, Doureh, Khorramabad, Kuhdasht, Selseleh, and Poldokhtar.
Lorestan covers an area of 28,175 km². The major cities in this province could be summarized as: Borujerd, Khorramabad, Aligoodarz, Dorood, Koohdasht, Azna, Alashta and Pol-e-Dokhtar.
Lorestan central coordination locates in 33.4871°N and 48.3538°E.
The name Lorestan means "land of the Lurs", and in the wider sense consists of that part of western Iran coinciding with the province of Ilam and extending for about 400 miles on a.... (Read More)


Lorestan is one of the oldest regions of Iran. In the third and fourth millennium B.C., migrant tribes settled down in the mountainous area of the Zagros Mountains. The Kassites, an ancient people who spoke neither an Indo-European nor a Semitic language, originated in Lorestan. ... (Read More)
Lorestan today
The Lorestan province concerning availability of extensive mountains and plenteous meadows, have far been considered as residence for farmer and stockbreeder people. Consequently, tribal structure has been of great importance in the pro.  ... (Read More)

Road and Transportation:
Access Roads to Lorestan Province:

1. Tehran _ Ahwaz railway which also passes through Azna and Dorood cities.
2. Khoram Abad _ Borujerd road 100 kilometers long towards north east which is continued onto north east to be adjoin ... (Read More)

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